Hectic for hactic

Samsung released its Anycall Hactic handset : for KRW 700,000, your touchscreen gets responsive when you use it.

Good vibrations for Samsung, warmer feelings for LG : one handset is coated with silicon that feels like human skin (can you use Moto's Razr on that LG-SH240 ?), another displays interactively smart and supposedly energy saving light (the Touch Lighting Phone - KRW 600,000).

LG Electronics, along with Casio, is also providing handsets for LG Telecom's cdma2000 1x EV - DO Rev . A service - branded OZ (
unlimited data download for 6,000 won per month)... a tribute to the wizard or Korea's lightweight MNO ? Good luck to them - the HSPA bandwagon is long gone in Korea.

By the way : KT teams up with another key Japanese player. After importing NTT DoCoMo's techno, they may export Korean contents through their 50/50 JV with Softbank : both players will invest KRW 20 M into contents for IPTV (
90% Korean content).

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