Redmond heart Waterloo

Microsoft is rumored to covet RIM's Blackberry.

.NET brewing some Java ? I guess speculators are more interested in the sugar that would come with the deal.

Microsoft doesn't only want a platform that works. Microsoft wants a popular platform. Heck : Microsoft wants to be loved. So why bail out a Canadian neighbor who's not even on the verge of foreclosure ?

I checked Steve Balmer's wish list on Amazon. Not under his real name (fancy a big Bezos smile ?), but after a couple of tries I found out his login ("ThatBaldOne") and password ("MSrules"). Then I took a cold shower and went to that list. You bet Yahoo! was there, but after Google and SAP. RIM was only ranked #1,595,290, between The New York Mets and The Brooklyn Bridge. Duh.

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