All you can eat content

apple is considering unlimited music services, Nokia style. apple cares more about hardware than service. apple somehow feels something has to be done in the format field if it doesn't want the iTunes / iPod / iPhone success to dry up.

SK Telecom IS an expert in marketing mobile services. It owns the platforms and the contents. And its deal with SanDisk last month in Barcelona looks more interesting to me. SanDisk's Flash memory cards + SKT's DRM solutions aim at the mobile TV and PVR (Personal Video Recorder) applications.

OK. Storage is key. OK, there's this thing about CDs going south vs immaterial music et al, and that thing about MNOs enhancing the mother of all cards, the SIM/USIM. And OK, we are more into the Blu Ray / Tera octet hard drive era than in memory card times.

But SK Telecom is venturing beyond the MNO's yard, taking yet another initiative on yet another part of the value chain. And it had been a while since they did something like that. So let's wait and see.

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