Quick, Draw! Help Google crowd-accelerate Singularity!

ICYMI, Google gamified its A.I. experiments with Quick, Draw!, a game where you have 20 seconds to sketch a subject recognizeable by their system.



Of course, the more people play, the smarter the A.I., and the stronger Big G. A bit like they use Captcha to decypher ancient texts scanned by Google Books, only with countless more applications.

Help Google crowd-accelerate singularity and build A.I. dystopia by playing with its QuickDraw (twitter.com/stephanemot/status/799484363305992192)

Similar games can be imagined in 3D, VR environments (not just for Big G's Tilt Brush), your every stroke or move tracked by eyefluence, and so many completely different kind of games...

Now, playing kid stuff in a sandbox can help grow singularity monsters. 

Yesterday, a philosopher friend wondered if A.I. could create philosophical concepts, but Jorge-Luis Borges already answered the question decades ago. 

Simply by mapping and applying patterns from different panes, you can easily come up with strikingly beautiful concepts and conjectures that could keep experts awake for eternities. 

If you run out of A.I. systems or monkeys, even elephants will do:

Just don't forget to invite once in a while a Magritte to your Quick, Draw! games, or a Woody Allen to your Quick, Think! sessions.

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