Hop-on - yes we can

Hop-on, Inc are into mobile gambling. And judging by their recent press releases, they kind of hit the jackpot in Las Vegas.

Because Hop-on are also into mobile phones ; the disposable, no-screen, no-frills, GBP 10 / USD 20 kind of mobile phones. And their stuff seems to be flying off the shelves around the CTIA Wireless show :

20080318 news : 50,000 "pieces" of GSM/CDMA Dual Mode PDA HOP2001 for $ 16 M... Yes, that's $ 320 apiece - I guess there was the heck of a pionneer premium / development fee along with it.

20080410 news : 10,000 "phones" sold as part of test purchases

20080418 news : 150,000 "pieces" a day now !

Now don't ask me how many "pieces" make a "phone". I'm already all thumbs as far as gallons, stones, inches and feet are concerned.

Yet those metrics sound good.

I mean if you are doing the PR for this kind of company.

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