Comfort zones

Whiffs of déjà vu from Barcelona's Mobile World Congress: a Nokia 3310, a BlackBerry keyboard (KeyOne), and soon a Motorola DynaTAC Vintage Edition?

After sending millions on Pokemon Go quests, Nintendo Switch-es back to hardware.

Google plays its classic from-service-to-device branding gimmick, positioning Google Home + Google Assistant against Amazon Echo + Amazon Alexa.

Google Home had to extend its footprint before Samsung Assistant hits the shelves, and will reach beyond Android to tickle Apple Siri. Rumor (and Android Police) has it Google will be the first multi-user device on the market.

At this stage, it doesn't matter much if the platform remains Google-centric, with at least 9 in-house brands among the fist 30 partners:

out of 30 partners to date, at least 9 belong to google
Nevermind this gizmo: the A.I. behemoth is less venturing into new territories than trying to defend its comfort zone.

mot-bile 2017

* "Pitching Google Pixel in 3 strikes"

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