Samsung Flexible AMOLED

Buzz of the day: a viral ad from Samsung Mobile Display featuring a flexible and transparent AMOLED screen / tablet:

This concept Samsung Flexible AMOLED has it all: 3D holograms, enhanced reality, fresh udon, you name it. Definitely one of the best teasers of the decade.

Take the apps separately, and you don't have anything really new. But I really like how they wrapped it, and the way they boosted two apps: picking a dish from a menu (the above mentioned noodles), and instant translation. Here, the user puts the gizmo between himself and his interlocutor. Each one can talk and read from each side of the screen because the text the said interlocutor needs is written in reverse. A simple but smart detail: transparent means see-through and both ways. Likewise, foldable means two ends of the screen can directly see each other, and there's also a video call app leveraging that.

Not the first concept screen from SMD, but definitely a giant marketing leap for their research teams.

mot-bile 2011

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