London Videophones vs CCTV : 1 - 0

Unlike 9/11 and 3/11, 7/7 is the first massive terror attack in a significantly 3G-enabled-videophone-equipped country. Each Londoner being caught by CCTV an average 9 times a day, the police must be crunching much more images than Mr & Mrs Smith from their sofa, so most of the public footage comes from videophones.
Tony Blair seems to seek as little publicity as possible for the terrorists as well as for his own agenda. He can control mainstream medias but not the personal ones.
Blogs have long taken a comfortable position as news / propaganda providers. Podcasting / videocasting is following as expected.
This defining moment exposes the positive side of the medal - expect massive controversies next, especially considering today's legal attacks by the Bush Administration on non-friendly journalists and bloggers.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

9 times a day ? you're kidding : it's 300 times a day !!!!!

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