Scott Summers and French Blockbuster Seasons

X-men 3 isn't shot yet but when she's back as Phoenix, Jean Grey may have some trouble spotting the original Cyclops among Orange World customers.
One month after France Telecom R&D (press release + buzz at the European Research and Innovation Exhibition),
MicroOptical / Essilor International & Kopin CyberDisplays (self-proclaimed The NanoSemiconductor Company) announced a more commercial way the launch of innovative binocular video eyewear next october.
Connected to Samsung's SGH-D600, this 70g device similar to Scott Summers' protective glasses brings interesting superpowers to its user : unbeatable stereo sound and a virtual 12' screen 2 m away. Thus, our superhero can avoid Paris' much acclaimed dognuments but can't tell whether the person coming towards him is smiling or carrying a shotgun (or both, who knows with these nutty supervillains).
Well. I've tried this kind of marvels but they were designed for actual fighters and the screen would appear at the bottom corner of your visual field. More likely, our Orange Cyclops will comfortably seat in a chair to enjoy the show on the go. Not as glamour, but it definitely beats the portable DVD player... provided the power allows the viewer to watch more than a few short mobisodes... which is made possible by the cable connection between the glasses and the handset. The "wirefree" vision may take some more time...

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