Communication-finance convergence: KT joins SKT

Seems like SK Telecom's debuts as a credit card operator (see previous posts about the SKT-Hana Bank deal) spurred the competition. Korea Telecom announced yesterday that their participation in BC Card, the national leader, would increase from 1.98 to 35.83% after purchases from Woori Bank (20%) and Shinan Bank (13.85%). KT also negociates a further 4.03% participation with Busan Bank.

Lucky Koreans MNO: they can become content majors or financial institutions just by signing checks. And they formed a common lobby with other financial institutions to promote mobile banking in Korea (SK Telecom and KT with Mastercard, Shinhan Card, Samsung Card).

"Finance-communications convergence" comes handy as MNOs need to completely revamp their business models : voice revenues keep decreasing, and the data equation went crazy.

Significantly, KT is now insisting on Wifi coverage in its smartphones advertising campaigns, and promoting uCloud for consumers also as an IPTV service (Smart TV tomorrow I guess). Remaining a leader in cloud computing is an absolute must... and it sure beats car rentals as diversification (KT are also campaigning about that peripheric service of theirs).

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