Atos Origin and the Three Musketeers

Atos Origin and France's 3 MNOs Orange, SFR, and Bouygues Telecom created Buyster, a JV devoted to ecommerce with a focus on micropayments and a first batch of merchants already on board (Darty, Rue du Commerce, Aquarelle...).

Led by Eric Gontier, a mobile multimedia veteran with an Atos origin (via Axime, who merged with Sligos to found Atos Origin during the late XXth Century), the new platform targets within 5 years a 10% market share in ecommerce against the likes of PayPal.

The concept also ties the Buyster account to a bank card (transactions will require a Buyster code), but it adds a link to the phone number, a key ID in this mobile world of ours. Conveniently enough, Orange, SFR, and ByT manage the bulk of France's numbers, be they fixed or mobile.

So long life to the new venture... and good luck for the URL : buyster.com is owned by an Australian retailer (buyster.com.au). From checks to kangaroo bounces... And oh, Box Creative LLC recently preempted buysters.com.

mot-bile 2011

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