iPhone vs BIC Phone

iPhone 3G is out there, but I guess you already heard about it.
BIC Phones are out there, too. Soon (TTM september 2008). The first color is Orange, as one could have suspected : before ballpen turned cristal, they used to have that dull color... and oh, Orange France is the partner for the launch*.
BIC Phones also come in green. But hold your horses, pal : nothing environmentally correct to it. The nondescript hanset comes under blister for the cash and carry (EUR 49 / 60 mn included). Alcatel made it, and I'm not sure it will host BIC branded Samsung fuel cell disposable cartridges* from day one. That feature could make a difference***. Much needed for BIC, a company that has been looking for a new hit for decades (now a minor leaguer for blades, lighters are not getting any more popular, and perfumes were a total flop).
The prepaid pack will be sold in BIC's traditional points of sale. Nothing disruptive for Orange prepaid offers (newstands, train stations, airports...) but BIC has 3M POS worldwide and that could prove useful.

* "
Orange et BIC® lancent en France BIC® phone - JUIL08" (BIC press release - 20080711)
** "Bic Wants to Flick Your Cell Phone" (Business Week - Jennifer L. Schenker - 20071129)

*** a disposable cell phone would have too, as a start... (see "Hop-on - yes we can" - 20080422)

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