Nokia's summer heat waves and iPhone floods

The beauty of manufacturing handsets is that when something goes wrong, figures tend to make any blimp look spectacular.

Take Nokia, for instance : 46M is not a Total Recall for them, but a big chunk of a whole year of production nonetheless. And unlike Mattel, this is not about dealing with cheap Chinese providers : Matsushita Battery Industrial is not your usual quick and dirty partner, but their batteries manufactured between Dec. 2005 and Nov. 2006 tend to overheat.

Just like iPhone fans ("fans" as in afficionados, not the rotors which were hit by smelly matter at the Finnish giant's headquarters) : they tend to overheat for this beautiful device that pushes hype up to the sky - some people call that phenomenon "Skype" and actually, iPhone users can now call through a service called Skype. Technically, it should be dubbed Three Band Billiard VoIP : one share for your operator, one share for Skype, and one share for an obscure service / solution / gizmo provider. Trickier than tromboning and hardly cheaper than pre-Reding intra-European roaming.

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