Qualcomm and Microsoft - the unusual fees plus expenses

Microsoft are in danger. Washington sent a diplomat to Brussels. As if Redmond Inc needed lessons in that field. From the Administration that sent John "UN Bomber" Bolton whack the United Nations...
Qualcomm are in danger. After the EEC, Korea's Fair Trade Commission (FTC) is investigating the CDMA Ksar, even visiting its offices in Seoul. We're talking about the very state that invested in Qualcomm a few years ago, creating a CDMA heaven in a GSM world... a state that is now not very likely to let MediaFLO bloom in the land of DMB.
The royalty of royalties are in danger. Windows and Office are going Live and the company that used to not believe in the worldwide web may find a way to counter Linux, Mozilla, OpenOffice & Co, but neither Microsoft nor Qualcomm will enjoy the same wealth ten years from now if they don't change their business models or better, their ways of doing business.

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