Excuse my French

Announcement :
If you're sick and tired of my twopenny puns written in a more than poor English, learn that from now on, you can also enjoy my twoeurocent puns written in an utterly broken French on CNET France*.
That blog is also about mobility and innovation, only in the langue de Moliere - some of us froggies are still moving and considering disruptions beyond the classique strike / demonstration acception.
For the bulk of mot-bile's visitors who don't know a word of French, stay tuned.
For the others, stay tuned too. I've got 5 blogs to feed** now, and you don't know where the next blogule will land.

And please keep feeding me back with your comments and remarks, which are always more than welcomed. Provided you don't write in Korean, that is.
Best regards,

** besides mobility, some blogules in
French and in English, plus a soccer playground in French (footlog).

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