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Sorry but I can't help following closely the evolution of S-DMB in Korea. Last week-end, TU Media's Heo Jae-Yeong revealed a significant rise in subscriptions (140,000 from last month's 75,000), but he also warned the 600,000 target wouldn't be met by the end of the year, blaming the regulation for preventing the dominant operator from subsidizing handsets. The fact is only early adopters can afford to pay $600 to 800 for these lilliputian TVs on the go.
The problem is this doesn't tell us how many would be converted in an aggressive scenario, how far the market can reach beyond early adopters and how quick.
And the problem goes beyond SK Telecom : the likes of Samsung also want to enjoy the dividends of being the firsts on the market, especially since the whole world is watching. Manufacturers may have to cut their margins to help boost the sales. A shot in the arm or a shot in the foot ?

Anyway, expect a strong lobbying and a fierce debate about competitive Korea : which is most important, the fairness of the local market or the nation's competitive edge ? Unfortunately for Lee Gun-Hee, the least one could say is neither the Government nor the public opinion seem in a mood to please him nowadays.

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Stephane MOT said...

Some marketing insights about Elisa's Finnish Mobile TV's trials in this overenthusiastic Nokia press release :
"Consumers also want to watch TV programs on their mobile".

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