KAIST's Wearable Thermo-Element Wins Netexplo Grand Prix 2015

We've seen cloth that generates electricity before, but this concept keeps it smart and simple: no need to work out like a madman, your own body temperature can make the trick.

This 10 cm strip can produce 40 mW.

50 cm to 1 m of this 'Wearable Thermo-Element' designed by KAIST Professor JO Byeong-jin can generate the 2W needed to power your smartphone.

Presented last year, the concept just won the Netexplo Grand Prix 2015.

Wearable Thermo-element by netexplo

Now a start-up coveted by major wearable and apparel manufacturers, from Nike to Apple, this thermoelectric marvel will certainly fuel many of your gizmos in the years to come, from your smartglasse to your smartwristband, to your smartjacket, and of course your smartunderwear (you smartass you).

mot-bile 2015

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