Amazon Cloud Drive, cloudn't it ?

Most retailers dream of emptying their shelves. Amazon dreams of seeing his customers leave their stuff in its warehouses. That's called living in a cloud. And these days, preempting cloud space is about keeping your feet on the ground.

Here's the claim:

- 5 GB of free online storage
- Unlimited access from any computer
- Never worry about losing your files again

Here's the catch:
- 5 GB doesn't mean anything these days (ie ADrive has been offering 50 GB for years), but you're invited to buy additional storage and conveniently enough, the stuff you purchase on Amazon store is not included in the 5 GB
- unlimited access from any computer, but forget about your iPhone (only Android does it for mobile devices - and needless to say, Cloud Player doesn't read iTunes)
- never think about changing providers : try moving once you've uploaded the whole shebang

But that's OK. Once again, Amazon shot first among the big non operator fishes. Amazon acted as a leader. As the Kindle proves, it's not a silver bullet, but this shot in the cloud is certainly not a lost bullet.

mot-bile 2011

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