3D notebooks from LG

LG is not only betting on TVs for 3D (1 million units expected this year) : 3 new laptops have just been unveiled, priced about 20% more than standard models (KRW 1.6 M to 1.9 M - USD 1,330 to 1,580 these days). Desktops and monitors were also introduced, all requiring 3D glasses to enjoy the effect.

The Korean manufacturer expects 3D to represent 30% of its laptop sales in 2011, and the segment to boom (1.1 M units in 2011, 13.5 in 2013). For the number 2 player in TV displays, 3D could prove a game changer in a market where it's struggling among second-tier manufacturers. The move is also defensive as TV and PC converge, often sharing the same screens.

Beyond movies, web enabled / 3D devices are ideal online gaming and MMORPG, key drivers in Korea : LG could leverage on the PC Bang - game editors ecosystem to accelerate adoption and stimulate content production.

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