Korea : Nexus One in June, more robust networks in sight

Korea Telecom announced Google's Nexus One (HTC on Android FroYo) for June 2010.

Since Samsung preempted the green android territory and even protected the brand for handsets*, KT will have to find a different angle.

June, World Cup, Frozen Yoghurt... expect something fresher for this smartphone / app phone. Patbingsu style.

KT claimed its 700,000th iPhone sold in May, and boosted wireless data traffic by 17.5 in Q1 2010 vs Q1 2009. Q2 should be much more impressive as smartphones rise on track with 5M units sold by EOY 2010.

And 3D TV is becoming a reality (also on time for the FIFA World Cup), 3D is bound to pop up on Korean mobile phones as soon as possible. It's a matter of pride for Samsung and LG, it's also a priority for local authorities who are planning the country for very very high speed broadband.

That's for 2013. But mobile network capacity will become critical much earlier, even with LTE, and Korea's dominant operators (SKT and KT) are intensifying their aggressive race for WiFi hotspots.

mot-bile 2010

* see "
KT claims 500,000 iPhones"

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