Energize your handset, nevermind the consequences

Indian manufacturer Olive Telecommunications launched a mobile phone where AAA batteries can give you up to 3 more hours of conversation when the lithium-ion battery is exhausted. "Olive FrvrOn" (Forever On, not Fever On) costs $37 and targets rural areas where plugs are not always available.

Smart and simple, but not very environmental friendly. How many AAA batteries do you think will be recycled in the dead middle of India ? How about the cost of logistics for this noria of 11.5 gram AAA batteries ?

Now there is a power issue here (and there as well). Such manufacturers as Samsung are investigating other solutions, more or less relevant*, but all based on a more sustainable concept : generate your power on the spot, be it using your own force of with the help of the sun.

So OK, this manufacturer will sell a lot of devices and change the lives of a lot of people but I hope this quick fix won't be too successful.

mot-bile 2010

* see "
Samsung's power grip", "Samsung Crest Solar"

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