Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep ?

Philip K. Dick wrote that story back in 1968. Google are launching the sequel tomorrow.

Dick was a visionary. Big G used to play that tune.

To tell you the truth, I don't care about the 2008 Android Dream.

Maybe T-Mobile's HTC will have a hipper IP than the iP. Maybe its UI will be "cuil". Maybe its future lies in feature. Maybe its apps will kill (Bill, Steve, Olli-Pekka...?). Who knows ? Who cares ?

Not me.

I told you : I don't care about the September 2008 Android Dream.

But I'm worried sick about the November 2008 Electric Sheep.

You know, the people who
cast the wrong ballot, punch a card the wrong way, push the wrong button on a Diebold voting machine... my kind of nightmare, in a clam- sorry nutshell.

PS : Cathy, I saw the future of Google Mobile TV - screens are smaller than the zeppelins in "Blade Runner", but they too broadcast a lot ot Asian content !

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