MLB's DRM fastball : too fast too furious

Allan Wood is furious. He spent about 300 bucks on Major League Baseball game downloads but cannot play anymore because the organization decided to change the rules in the middle of the game. No warning, no strike call, you're out because our new DRM system prevents you from using those old tools. Nevermind the fact that Mr Wood cannot play a game where players are compelled to use wooden bats.

But the MLB knows a PR bomb when it comes across one, so all the Woods of the hood will be allowed to download the new versions for free.

On that one, the MLB definitely pitched a tricky fast-and-curveball. Too fast too furious. And this is truly DRM 101 : make sure your first base can swallow the pill before moving to second.

What's in the pill is another story - you can boost the performances but the user eventually has to pay for it (doesn't he, Mr Bonds ?)

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