Microsoft outpervasived by Facebook and RIM


That's the best Microsoft could get from Facebook. In the news section, the integration of Facebook on Blackberry sounded much more disruptive. The king of pervasiveness is being "outpervasived".

The fact is it's getting more and more difficult to resist to FB's platform (I haven't been very faithful to LinkedIn lately).

Microsoft tried to avoid losing face but didn't win Facebook either.

FB got $240M from Redmond, WA. Without selling its soul to the Devil. Actually, the said Devil is not as scary as it used to be. Commoditized. Still dominant on his home turf but as clumsy in new environments as it used to be more than a decade ago with the internet.

Internet Explorer killed Netscape, but I don't think MSN will wolf that one down that easily.

While Microsoft is neither losing face, nor winning Facebook, Google and Murdoch try to explain why MySpace is not part of the virtual estate bubble.

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