Google Jaiku kentai ?

I don't care about the Gphone anymore than I did about the iPhone, but I do care about Google's vision about mobility and to me, dealing with Multiverse or purchasing Jaiku makes more sense than manufacturing devices.

Devices are about status, but you want to care about actual status : how are your friends doing, where on earth are they, what are they plotting, with whom...? Your personal network is much more important than your carrier's network, and portability will come some day for anything from a technical point of view, so value is to be made beyond the tools.

Besides, there are too many tools out there. Including in Google's portfolio. I hope they will take less time to boost Orkut and Google Maps / Google Earth with Jaiku than they did to implement basic Google tools in Blogger.

Yet, I'll stick to Big G for the blogging platforms. And I'll keep building Chinese walls with other e-mail services providers and interpersonal spaces like
LinkedIn or Facebook.

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