Google Sky : the limits ?

Are we talking innovation there ? Google Sky is a Google Earth extension ; a view of the universe from our good old planet... a flat universe, like the wall paper imagined by ancient civilizations.

All right, you're looking at beautiful shots taken from the Earth's best observatories. And you'll need a Universal Positioning System to find location RA: 18h18m54.0s DEC: -13°50m0.0s - that's Star Queen Nebula, a.k.a. Eagle Nebula, Pillars of Creation, IC 4703 (take Interstate 15 all the way to Planet Zorg - warning : no gas station on the way).

But I expected something more thrilling*. A 3D experience with a sketchup flavor.

OK that's a little demanding. Why not launch a Google Web then, the 3D mapping of all websites ? I saw such beautiful blossoms a decade ago.... Today's medusas would look even more beautiful.

* never mind the bugs, like finding your saved places in the sky's map at launch (now I know
MOT, LA is located in Auriga near Messier 38).

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