Hiwire - Aloha Partners, Goodbye Stranger

"The Largest Owner of 700 MHz Spectrum in the US" ? Aloha Partners' claim might lure investors but won't attract many consumers. So last week, their mobile TV trial arm, Hiwire, teamed with SES Global SA / SES Americom to help Charles Townsend fulfill his vision of mobile digital TV (and matter-of-factly fill his future pipes).
We've seen Aloha try Flarion's FLASH-OFDM in Tucson or 3G CDMA2000 1x EV-DO with Lucent. Flarion and CDMA almost belonging to rival Qualcomm, Aloha bets on DVB-H in Vegas for his new partnership. Smells like Finn spirit... guess who could be Nokiaing on heaven's door ?

Links :
- Aloha Partners :
- SES Global SA (SES Americom) :


roosterblog said...

I am interested to learn if the Tucson and Phoenix trials were ever actually carried out. I was aware of their early planning, being a consultant who had spoken to Aloha about them. I have not heard or seen of any information whether these trials were started or completed.

Stephane MOT said...

In Phoenix, solutions for laptops and Blackberries were supposedly proposed but actually, there wasn't much literature about those trials afterwards.

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