Super-fast me, O2

They World premiered W-CDMA but they're not exactly ruling 3G.
Yet, are back at it : this time, ManX Telecom will launch the World's first
"super-fast 3G service" on November the 1st, 2005.
"Super-fast" means 1.3Mbps for a start (where are the handsets ?), "3G" means UMTS/HSDPA, and "service" means that O2 and Lucent Technology are gonna smash the ball towards the court hoping for an ace. No referee will tell whether it's in or out or even stuck in the net and no one actually cares whether anyone is on the other end. Now if it were ManU Telecom, more people would feel concerned about the kickstart and the net. But don't expect Malcolm Glazer to relocate his Merseyside Buccaneers on the Isle of Man, where genuine hangovers are more guaranteed than actual handovers.

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