Google Mob... (pay $.99 for the unshortened version)

An Everest of paper at Wall Street, Google are supposed to be using actual greenbacks anytime soon. Google Earth recently provided a pleasant gliding experience, Google Desktop 2 a nasty private investigation into Billy Boy's files (Outlook Toolbar, Sidebar, Quick Find), and Google Talk another gun pointed on MSN as Microserves face their gazillionth antitrust attack this side of the Han River*. But many expect the Mountain View, CA squad to put some flesh on Google Mobile or Google Wireless Services. Others mentioned browsers or a yahooish shift towards mediaship... Whatever. Tremors are shaking the Valley and I guess the sismic attacks on Google (these mobsters just suck all innovative people away from competitors) may find their epicenter not far away from Redmond, WA (yet I'm affraid The Big One will be for the man named Gates but who still didn't believe in portals in year 1995).
To be frank, I'm much more excited by the last arrows coming from Amazon : Amazon Shorts could contribute to shaking the old publishing tree as efficiently as the internet did with the music industry**.

I know, short stories are so old media but shorts are of season : short message services still sell, mobile comics and wireless mangas are all the rage and who would dare go on the beach without exposing a 64M-color-3G short movie ? You look great indeed, but you're splashing everybody and if this sea turns out to be a pound you're gonna drown in a pool of bubbles. Look at Wireless TV & Studios Inc. claiming "As MTV developed the language of cable. We have developed the lingo of Wireless TV", and believe it or not we have Nitrous Ltd on board ! Not all people screaming "I'm the king of the world" on the top of both their lungs and the Titanic did make it to the Oscars.

* Among the plaintiffs, RealMedia hopes not to end up as the next Netscape and Daum doesn't get any support from MSN's main competitor in Korea, NateOn (fear of any collateral damage for a dominant player in the mobile arena ?)

** selling short stories $.49 apiece is certainly not a revolution (just like Apple didn't invent anything with iTunes nor with iPod) - it's the players that matter. And the thing is right now you can't publish short stories unless you've published a novel first. Explain this to movie director wannabes.

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