Crossing the i-channel

NTT DoCoMo invents "i-channel": for 150 Yens a month, users will receive several channels and just like with i-mode, a specific button will allow a quick access to this new portal.
Just like with i-mode too, NTT DoCoMo obviously forgot to lock the brand and the URL... i-channel.com belongs to Lava Lamp LLC, a company located in Centennial, CO. Same location as International Networks, a Comcast subsidiary recently rebranded after AZN Television, their channel devoted to the Asian American audience and recently relaunched with high ambitions and a potential global reach, far beyond America...
Smartly enough, Comcast decided to plug this ten year old URL to this potential competitor to DCM's latest "innovation" : according to Register.com, i-channel.com's database was last updated 3-Aug-2005 11:18:34 EDT... not one day after DoCoMo's
i-channel press release.
Conclusions :

  • DoCoMo are definitely uncurable as far as marketing, URL management and branding are concerned, and if they dare advertise on i-channel, they will certainly contribute to the success of AZN.
  • Comcast seem to have not only a better understanding of internet marketing and branding, but also an efficient intelligence unit.

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