4G take-offs and SOFT landings

Captain Kirk obviously paid a visit to Japan, where "4G" trials are announced by ever-the-customer-oriented NTT DoCoMo : "the 1Gbps real-time packet transmission was realized through Variable Spreading Factor-Spread Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (VSF-Spread OFDM) radio access and 4-by-4 Multiple-Input-Multiple-Output (MIMO) multiplexing using "adaptive selection of surviving symbol replica candidate" (ASESS) based on Maximum Likelihood Detection with QR decomposition and the M-algorithm (QRM-MLD)".
This nuclear mushroom is supposed to impress people listening to the sound of miserable 3G+ trials under way across Asia (ie HSDPA in China and Taiwan, HSUPA sites under construction everywhere - websites, that is).
This time, no one is wondering why high speed is needed : back to Paris I badly miss my 100 Mbps home. Jet lag is OK the other way : that's what I call the "SOFT landing" (Seoul Optic Fiber Transition).

PS : I don't know whatever happened to Club Nokia but here are a few figures from Samsung's Anycall Land : 180,000 hits per day for 4M members.
PS2 : I don't know whatever happened to KTF's investment fund devoted to content but here is how they start countering SKT's shopping spree : a minority stake in a movie investment fund set up by a key player in distribution (among
Showbox Inc assets : Megabox multiplexes, On*Media cable TV...)
PS3 : sucks (according to an independant Redmond based group of Xbox consumers and developpers).

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