Dell VNO - Virtual Nosweat Operator

So Michael Dell just added his voice to HSDPA, the sign this standard's getting all the momentum needed to go to the top. But implementing 3G and beyond doesn't mean Dell will become a M-VNO.
Because Dell just can't become a M-VNO without ceasing being Dell. The Dell brand would be relevant and could make it but how far away from his know-how does Dell want to go ? Direct sales and DYI phones can work in a commoditized world but 3G+ is not likely to become a commodity before long. Customer service would be a hassle and the likes of Verizon would have to do the bulk of the job. And beyond a brand these folks usually seek partners with an added value in dealing with demanding customers.
So Dell will keep providing hardware with a minimal service and without considering true MVNOod. There's a noble task ahead yet : better efficiency, better productivity and smarter lifecycles for all handsets and future enabled devices.

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