"Protect Dokdo !" but save your soul

KT's mobile arm turns into Korea's mobile army : KTF co-developped with North Korean people a wireless game called "Protect Dokdo!" where the players are supposed "to stop the invasion of Dokdo by Japanese pirates".
After surfing on the 2002 FIFA World Cup wave with a smart moto "Korea Team Fighting", KTF openly contributes to the anti-Japan fad growing within the whole region. The fact is Japan has been committing hara-kiri for years in a suicidal surge of revisionism, denying its past and blocking its own future, rewriting history books, forging archaeological proofs, and among other unnecessary provocations claiming the Korean islet of Dokdo.
In order "to help Koreans feel national pride" and "to raise interest in the issue of Korean sovereignty for the island of Dokdo", KT Freetel offered the download of the game for free for over a week. And to make it even more martial, a "Fly the Korean Flag" service marked Korea's Independance Movement Day. The operator is even considering new "public contents to inspire patriotism and pride in Korean culture and history in the teen and twenty-somethings, the heaviest users of KTF wireless service magicN".
Don't get me wrong : I do support Korea's national team, I'm pleased to hear about a collaboration between Hanguk and Choson and I'm very much in favor of an end to deliberate revisionism from the other side of the former "Sea of Korea"... but this Short-sighted Messenging Service is totally insane and irresponsible. Far beyond bad taste, committing oneself to propaganda is just wrong. There are more clever and positive ways of bringing people together and answering to Japan's dumbest dieharders.
KTF would better stick to soccer and accept both an offside and a yellow card. Stephane MOT

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