Finding MIMO ? after MoMu and MoMa

July 2004 : long before the opening of the new MoMa on the West 53rd, the MoMu opens its virtual gates to the world. SK Telecom's online Mobile Museum encompasses 20 years of wireless experience and is in itself a broadband experience : even with huge Hanaro or KT Megapass bandwidth, browsing the site takes some time. The thing is all major architects were drafted for the Leeum, Samsung's Chairman Lee Geon-Hee's Xanadu and a place to see if you love Korean ceramics (ie a unique Buncheong ware collection) and traditional art - as far as modern art is concerned, Leeum's impressive check-list sounds like a turn of the millenium's Frick collection.
Well. R&D people have other worries than art, worries worthy of the age of mobile broadcasting : will "Finding MIMO" (Multiple Input Multiple Output) be the next blockbuster, will this uncertain roadmap "Trow mamma off the train" or will they have to bury "The Mummy" ?

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