Wireless*Mart - everyday lo-carb 3G

Shall I switch to "Super 3G" or keep my old and unproved "3G W-CDMA" ? How about this pack of "HSDPA (hotspot - don't pay attention) 3G" ? Not to mention ye olde "3G TDD"... Shopping at Wireless*Mart's getting tougher by the day lads. Remember the days when marketers just had to focus on household operators under 50 kbps ? Now they realize they can empower other purchasers or why not do the job themselves. Hey, they even managed to sell that lousy techno of theirs, 802 dot something, direct to the enduser ! Actually, IT players would love to carve a huge chunk outta some mobile operator's warchest (even after the broadcasters' feast, leftovers may remain quite attractive). Cruising in between as usual, Qualcomm try and take a bite at each dish. This time, they won't have enough time to go solo, cooking their homemade lo-carb nextgen soup while feeding the competitive norm with proprietary ingredients, slowing the process and collecting fees from both sources. This time, they won't have a promising country's government invest in their company and create an artificial CDMA island at the very gates of Japan and China. Two penny 4G won't sell. Anyway, it doesn't look like it's gonna be any more "universal" than the previous generation.
When you start putting "MAX" or "SUPER" on your packaging, that's the beginning of the end : your product is entering the magical kingdom of washing powder and biscuits. Need a "search enzyme" for your portal ? Meet Kraft, Unilever and P&G.
Stephane MOT

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