5G Evolution and 6G - 5Gotcha and SuperDeepFakes

September 2019: Huawei CEO Ren Zhengfei reveals that his company is already working on 6G.
November 2019: China's MoST (Ministry of Science and Technology) announces that two research teams are on it.

Of course, at this early stage, no one can tell what 6G is all about, which technological disruption will enable it, which spectrum will be devoted to it, or how many B.S. (as in Base Station) will be needed to cover a city like Hong Kong.

What this truly means is that the rolling out of B.S. (as in B....S...t) has already started. And in that competitive field, ATT set the (network coverage) bar sky high with an ultra-deceptive '5G Evolution' that's clearly closer to 4G+ than to 5G-:

Ah ah 5Gotcha!
We do know a couple of things about 6G, though:
  • TTM: experience tells us we should expect it around 2028-2030
  • speed: it will be way faster than 5G (let's say 3 to 10 times)
  • apps: streaming 16k vids will be so much easier
  • next gen buzzwords: after 3G ('telematics' and 'machine to machine') and 5G ('smart cars' and 'internet of things'), 6G will bring yet other names for the usual next-gen-killer-apps-to-be
We also know that China will want a revenge: The Great Western Firewall torpedoed Huawei and Co's 5G launch, preventing their ineluctable triumph.

And we know for sure that China can always take a step back to take a greater leap forward: 10 more years of leadership in ethics-free A.I. will help them create the ultimate abuser-friendly killer-app. By combining face-recognition, speech-recognition, smell-recognition, dna-recognition, and microbiome-recognition, Social Credit System 6.0 will be able to debunk all super-deep fakes, and to find you, whoever and wherever you are, even through your gas mask, and even through the IRL Cloud (2.5 ppm levels set permanently over 500).

mot-bile 2019

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